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About our Members

Ryan, Sam and Dwight enjoying the pristine waters of Murphy hot springs.

IAMC members are great people who generally love being in the outdoors and don't mind roughing it from time to time. They are people who are not satisfied with just riding to where the pavement ends. They know that's where the adventure usually starts. Our members all have different riding skills and abilities. You will meet young people who have grown up on dirt bikes and some guys who are retired and just learning about our sport (and a couple wily old pros that could teach all of us a thing or two).


About our Motorcycles

Honda XR650 by China Wall.

The bikes we ride are as diverse as the folks who are riding them. You will see 20 year old dual sport bikes to the latest and greatest motorcycles rolling off assembly lines. In general, these are dual sport motorcycles, which means they are legal on and off road. Most are big enough to ride comfortably on the highway and a little too big for goat trails (unless the rider is especially skilled). On any given ride you will meet people on Suzuki DR 350s and BMW 1200GSA's and everything in between. The majority of riders are on 650cc bikes such as KLRs and DRs.



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