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By oldnut - Posted on 16 March 2013

capt.ed had picked the perfect day for it so ol' steelhead and I left my house a little after 9:30 am. and we wove our way on country back roads through Ada and Canyon counties negotiating three roundabouts on our way.  As we arrived the blastin' had begun and we quickly settled into the fun with revolver and pistols in hand.  As the brisk, cool morning mellowed into a balmy afternoon we shed our riding gear and enjoyed the company of fellow riders and club members who opted to drive their pickups to accomodate the length of many long guns. 

capt.ed and idahosam watch as JimE (bluepants) airs a target.

Good form!


The "Zak-a-tak".

All types of firearms were available and though I couldn't watch them all being used, a few brave souls stepped up to shoot Legiron's Sharps carbine. 

"A liitle high and to the right!" warns Legiron.

Dan's shoulder will heal up nicely (nice hat!).

capt.ed let me shoot his brand new black gun and I quickly dispatched a couple of grounded clays.  He took a break from the action to fire the charcoals and scorch a few delish dogs (yum!) then it was back to more blastin'.  The ride home was great but the leafless trees, barren foliage and surrounding snow capped mountains reminded us that winter's not quite over yet, better enjoy the rare warm spring days when we can.  Thanks capt.ed for sponsoring this great event now known as the Second Annual IAMC Spring Ride & Shoot!  Looking forward to next year already. 

#@&*?!  I didn't get any bike pix!

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