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2013 - Western V-Strom Gathering Rally

By LegIron - Posted on 04 April 2013

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  •   07/12/2013 - 8:00 am
  •   07/25/2013 - 6:00 pm
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1 - Beginner

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Ride Description:

The V-Strom Rally will be held in Ventura / Oxnard, California  from July 19 - 21. For those interested in going, you can visit the rally website for more information at…

I’ve made ‘tentative plans’ to leave Boise about July 12 and arriving at the rally site on July 17. My 'planned' route will be about 1,400 miles so this will allow for an easy, leisurely pace of about 250 miles per day so that time can be spent with frequent sightseeing stops. My ‘plan’ is to ride through the California Gold Country which appears to be a very scenic ride with interesting places to visit.

To reduce costs, I’ll camp in designated campgrounds but I may opt for a motel  to ‘recharge my endurance’ too. A hot shower and a soft bed can be pretty inviting after a couple days in the saddle.

After the rally, I’ll hug the coast to Seattle for another 1,300 miles…arriving around July 25, which will again allow plenty of time to see the sights. Once in Seattle, I’ll help my son and his wife pack and move to Boise. I assume that anyone making this trek would want to break off someplace along the coast to return back home…unless of course, you want to help load a U-Haul!!

So, set these dates aside, dust off your Wee's & Vee's, and get ready for a couple weeks of ...what should be a perfect time of year for such a trip. Give me a call for 'trip tweaking' as I’m pretty open to any suggestions on travel plans.  I’ve never gone to this rally nor taken the ‘planned route’ that I’ve made so suggestions are welcome.

Brad Johnson


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Brad Johnson 208-433-5262 (This information has been provided by the creator of this event page.)

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