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Ride to The City of Rocks

By oldnut - Posted on 23 June 2013

Due to a last minute change of plans I was able to join the BMW of Idaho Club for the annual ride, meet and camp out at The City of Rocks. It was the perfect opportunity to grab some IAMC 2013 Challenge sites along the way.  Here are some of the photos I took with comments.

The air was washed clean from the recent rains and high winds making for excellent panoramic possibilities.   This view's of the Owyhees.

The Boise Front and Bennett Mountain from Oreana.

The bronze plaque explains in simple terms the gravity of what happened here.

The Owyhees from Utter Wagon Train Disaster site.

There's a good explanation of the site on the Highway Historical Marker.

I then rode on to Glenns Ferry, paused for "refreshments" in the park and bagged Three Island Crossing State Park.

Next stop was Shoshone Falls.

Not much flowing this year due to drought.

I did manage to catch a rainbow though.

Some nice folks from Ohio helped me with this one.

Went by this one on the way to Pike Mountain for the 2011 Challenge but didn't stop for pix.

They're working on the restoration, it will be a while.

Albion Normal.  Pam, the kids and I came here in 1973 and the buildings still had lab equipment and school furniture in them.

Many of the largest buildings are missing all the windows and are covered in plywood.  Beautiful spot though.

City of Rocks was next and the BMW Club had reserved great camping spots for us.

No trouble finding the club hosts!

Be careful where you place your Big Agnes!

Up early to catch the light.

Fantastic shapes have been etched into the granite from eons of attack by the elements.

Only a few yards from my tent.

Then it was time for breakfast ...Bobcakes!  Food always tastes great at 6,200 feet!.

The chef at work.

As good as it gets.

Bob, a recent transplant from Vermont, is caught contemplating the qualities of the Idaho lifestyle.

Bob (Vermont) and I rode to The Golden Spike Site ...very cool but a long very straight and windy ride from Malta to Snowville and back.

The  original C.P.R.R's Jupiter was a West Coast wood burner as is it's replica...

...and the reproduction of the U.P.R.R's 119 is coal fired and would have come from the East. The whistles and bells are loud and proud.

The reenactment, performed by volunteer reenactors on a perfect summer day as though it was 1869, took about an hour, and was great fun.  Bring your National Parks card or you'll need to pay admission as I did.

Back just in time to order rib-eyes at the Outpost in Almo.

Then the "Super-moon" rose over the mountain!


It was too windy for a fire but it calmed later and one was built.

After a "parting shot" Sunday morning I pointed the GS toward Oakley and headed home on old US-30 avoiding as much super-slab as possible.

Great combo fun ride for the 2013 Challenge site collection and the BMW meet and camp out at The City of Rocks.

Thanks to all,



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