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Trip to Gunnison to pick up a new bike!

By Handy - Posted on 16 July 2013

Picked up my new 2006 Tiger with 7500 miles from Doug in Gunnison CO on Friday afternoon. My Father in law was heading home from our house so he was able to give me a lift out there. We headed to Gunnison on Thursday and camped at Hartman Rocks where we were able to get some great mountain bike rides in.

Looking over Gunnison

Sunrise over our camp on Friday morning

I didn't take very many pictures on the way home but it was a great ride through CO, UT, WY, and ID
Here is the Tiger just outside of Gunnison

I rode north through Glenwood Springs and jumped on the freeway for a few miles where it proceeded to downpour from the heavens, almost had to pull over because visibility was so low but I toughed it out and it didn't last long. Headed north to Craig and then west towards Utah, camped right next to the Green River in NE Utah.

Next morning I went through Flaming Gorge Rec. Area then north through WY over to the Bear River country. It rained most of the morning and it sure didn't feel like July. I was making good time so I decided to just motor home. Picked up three challenge sites along the way around Bear River.
Got gas in Pocatello and hit the Freeway to make some time and get home in time for dinner. The day before I made 221 miles on 5.08 gallons of fuel so I figured I could make it home from Pocatello with a 6.5 gallon tank. Apparently my MPG dropped drastically while going 90MPH with a stiff headwind because I ran out 2 miles west of the Boise Stage Stop after only 211 miles. About 25 miles from home. MOTHER FUCKER! I hitched back to Boise Stage Stop and a truck driver picked me up, got 1.5 L of gas and ended up walking the 2 miles back to the bike. I was running out again as I pulled into the first gas station I made it to.
Took it on a 500 mile loop yesterday which brings the total to about 1600 miles in the first four days of ownership.
Yeah, I like it alot!

Thanks Reddog for such an easy and painless transaction on a great bike!

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