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Anybody interested in Adventure bike racing?

By carl - Posted on 02 November 2013

 Hi All. We have been chatting with SIDRA about adding an Adventure Bike Class to some of their events. All we have determined so far is that SIDRA has an interest and might be willing to design race courses with optional sections that would be appropriate to Adventure sized bikes (650cc+ ??) and that Big Twin Motorcycles would be happy to provide prizes and organizational help. At this point we envision displacement groups within the class and mildly competitive, fun oriented events running in conjunction with other SIDRA desert racing events. We will need both racers and volunteers help at the events. The purpose of this post is to see if anyone from this distinguished group of riders has any interest in participating or helping out at this type of event. We also welcome input, comments, questions. This is still in the idea stage and has not been officially embraced by SIDRA. Our immediate goal is to find out if there is even an interest in this area. Please respond to or drop by Big Twin Motorcycles (2816 Orchard St.) to discuss it.