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Bean Counting the Challengers for 2012/2013

By daxm - Posted on 04 March 2014

 As you all know we are trying to fill some very large shoes by taking on duties previously done by the Hiatts.  The task of counting which challenger visited which challenge point in 2012/2013 has been assigned to me.  So, I created a page that lists by year which challenger posted to what challenge point.  It is my intention to use this report as my "go to" resource to account for who went where and when.  Please review this link and see if you are correctly accounted for.  :-)

The URL is:

If you just want to see your check-ins then add the year and your username at the end of the URL seperated by slashes.  For example, if Rick wanted to see where he went in 2012 he would do the following:

Note:  You have to be logged in to view this page.  If you participated in either of the 2012/2013 Challenges and are not currently a club member you won't be able to view this page.  I'll be happy to work with you individually to get you access.

If anyone has issue with their allocations please contact me and I'll be sure to tally you correctly.  Thank you for your help!