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Kirkwood Ranch and East mountain lookout overnighter

By dave186 - Posted on 24 June 2014

  •  Member Ride
  •   06/27/2014 - 10:00 am
  •   06/28/2014 - 6:00 pm
  •  ~350 miles
  •  Emmett Chevron
  •  Developed Campsites
  •  Every 150 Miles
  •  Available enroute ($)

Difficulty Rating:

3 - Advanced Skills

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Ride Description:

Had a great time last weekend, looking to keep it going. Leaving Emmett 10am Friday, dirt to New Meadows, highway to Riggins then down into Kirkwood Ranch to check out the museam. Plan to find a campsite enroute, if nothing looks good head to Hammer creek.  Return Saturday morning and cut over to Clear creek and up to East Mountain lookout.

Thats my rough plan, not on much of a schedule so might do some exploring.

Contact Information:

Dave- or 250-2376 (This information has been provided by the creator of this event page.)

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