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Deadwood LO fall color tour.

By oldnut - Posted on 08 October 2014

October 7, 2014

I called ol' steelhead and asked him to ride along and he answered emphatically "yes".  The day began with a cold ride to Trudy's for coffee and warm-up and then on to the lookout.  Big Pine Creek Road, NF555, was in much worse condition than I remembered.  I used to tow my boat in to Deadwood Reservoir this way and it was easy going but this trip would beat it to pieces now.  Great fun on the DR though.  However the 2.5 mile ride out to the lookout was in excellent condition.  Another locked gate with "Please respect the privacy of cabin occupants" sign stopped me .1 miles from the lookout.  On the road I met and talked to the couple renting it.  They are "lookout collectors".  I stopped for fall color shots on the way back down.

The South Fork Payette Canyon.

A view to the northwest of the Sawtooths.

The DR amid golden "quakies".

Color saturated hillside.

Fruiting dogwood.

Seeding Fireweed.

Ripe elderberries.

I know these photos have little to do with riding in the dirt but I hope dual sport riding can be about stopping once in a while to take in great scenery and occasionally slowing enough to enjoy nature's close-ups.


I would like to again thank the IAMC for sponsoring this year's Challenge.  I look forward to many more.




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