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Top Box mod for Dr650

By thesprocket26 - Posted on 18 January 2015

Hey all.  I decided I needed a top box rather than a soft tail bag for hauling around tools, lunches, and pawn shop scores.  The tail bag bungees were starting to fray and I felt it was going to let loose sooner than later.  I rough cut a piece of 1/8" plate then shaped to the general contour of the factory tail rack.  Next I drilled the holes and welded on the backing nuts for the Happy Trail knobs (8mm, and I visited the new retail location to pick up parts in Boise on Latah, thanks for the help, Tim!)  Next I matched the plate pattern to the gray top box.  After a few short weld beads I had the plate all aligned and attached.  I test fitted the box to the plate and only had to slightly profile one hole on the box.  I removed the rack and will get it painted to prevent rust as well as keep a neat appearance.   I gave it a test and was able to pick the rear tire off the ground using the box handle, so I feel it passes quality control.  This doesn't interfere with the aluminum side boxes and I fell it will allow for more secure mouting of uneven gear like chairs and tents.  Cost, about $20, time required, about 3hours.






Stay safe out there! 

Matt/ thesprocket26