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Challenge Sign Up difficulties

By thesprocket26 - Posted on 24 February 2015

Hi everyone. I have had a few members email me about signing up for the 2015 Challenge. New visitors are able to sign up as a new club member, but not sign up for the Challenge. Even existing members don't seem to be able to sign up for the challenge. I was able to renew my membership and sign up for the challenge a few weeks ago from my Account page. I was wondering if there is something we need to be aware of? Maybe some recent changes to how we will be signing up? I know the official kick off of the Challenge will be the end of March and more info will be available at the club meetings, but if there was a bit of info you might be able to pass on to keep the curious minds at bay, we all would appreciate it. Thanks for all the work and upkeep and time you put into the club! --Matt