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Succor Creek / Leslie Gulch March 2015

By thesprocket26 - Posted on 14 March 2015

Kumakahn put together a ride for us all to join in on the other weekend.  Thank you.   I know it can be difficult to motivate yourself into preparing for a ride when the morning temps are less than comfortable.  Luckily the breakfast break helped me warm up physically as well as mentally after ingesting the mini personal pot of coffee our server left each of us.  The meet n greet went well, I think all food orders were correct and we all seemed to be happily sharing our two-wheeled knowledge and stories from days past.  We met up with a few more riders in Homedale who were patiently awaiting our arrival for refueling and kickstands up departure time.  I always enjoy riding through the farm and ranchland of Canyon County because there is an abundance of classic vehicles and farm implements that seem to be retired but still awaiting their final fate. 

-- Turning onto the dirt, our route leader set the pace and we were off towards our daytime adventure.  It’s always a good idea to space yourself out from other riders in order to avoid the kicked up dust.  Some chose to hang back, while others did their best to avoid the light tan powder flung up from the bikes ahead. 

- Arrival at Succor Creek camp ground was a nice break.  We were able to interact more and ask questions about riding as well as mods and opinions of others choice of gear and motorcycles. 

- Back on the road we shot south for a while, running into a bit of UTV traffic before turning west towards the hilltop signifying Leslie Gulch.  Descent into the canyon is a favorite of mine as the road conditions are good and gives me time to rubberneck around at the scenery and rock erosion. 

- Lake side (or lack thereof) we shared more stories and banter.  Every rider seemed to enjoy the sunshine and warm temps. 

- We were treated to a short excursion upriver to locate a hot spring, which I will have to revisit later in the year.  The spring was occupied so we felt it best to leave the soakers to their own enjoyment and not disturb their peace. 

- The ride out was fairly quick and uneventful, but was a joy and we found ourselves challenged with the many changing road conditions.  There were a few small "ooops" get-offs but nothing serious and all riders were unharmed during the making of the adventure.  Thanks for the ride and motivation to enjoy the outdoors with likeminded riders!


--- Matt - thesprocket26



















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