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By Butterhooves - Posted on 07 August 2015

Matt, Thanks for engineering such a Beautiful trip. What a neat job on the pictorial! For those unaware, I did actually bust a rib hitting an unseen rock at that pretty stream crossing sending me 45 degrees off course, coming over backwards, landing flush on my back on dry land, busting my rib,and disorienting me for hours after, general weakness, mild confusion, etc. While those things happen to dual-sport riders, what is particularly note worthy is that I was wearing a Leatt 5.5 Pro HD crash cage, perhaps the only roost guard offering full rib protection (although a bit toasty in hot weather). The ER doctor discussed the x-ray and cat scan results with me, explaining that without the crash cage, I could have been romancing spleen damage, a punctured lung, or multiple fractures. Hmmm..... Something to thing about when your coming over backwards. Anyway, great ride and fine company. Reg
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