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My First IAMC Challenge 2010 Outing (should have been simple)

By GRTWHT - Posted on 19 April 2010


On Friday, April 16th, I finally decided to get off my butt and get a membership here and to register for the Challenge as well.  Friday was already beautiful and the entire weekend was predicted to be the same and Challenge 2010 was just what I needed to give me some new destinations to set out to. 

Saturday morning finds me debating:  I finally have enough room in my shed/workshop to bring the KLR in and change my tires (removing the more street oriented Kendas that were on it when I bought it and replacing them with Shinkos that are much more suited for my type of riding) and should really get that done, but it's already such a beautiful morning and shaping up to be a classic Idaho spring day - rider heaven!  

I give up and decide to put one last trip on the Kendas and give the KLR it's 'spring shake down' at the same time - nothing challenging, just a nice little round trip from Mountain Home up to the Mayfield Challenge 2010 destination - not far, almost entirely paved roads with a little nice dirt roads - just what I need.  

Well, after a leisurely start and a nice easy cruise down Old Highway 30, I finally reach the Mayfield Road, follow it for just under a mile and finally hit the gravel - this is where the fun begins...normally.  

 I couldn't have gone even 1/2 mile down Indian Creek Road when I felt that telltale loose/sloppy feeling of a flat in back.  I stop to check and confirm that my rear tire is completely flat and to cuss myself for having decided to go riding before changing the tires and installing the new tubes.  Since I don't have my tire spoons, patch kit or even my pump,  I have no real choice:  it's time to call my wife and tell her to bring the truck/trailer.

Just parked with a flat, waiting for
 my 'rescue'.

Waiting for my wife.


After almost an hour my wife arrives, I load up the KLR and drive back home feeling properly stupid and vowing to return soon.

I spent a couple hours swapping the tires (those Kendas were a pain to get off) having some lunch, double-checking to make sure I didn't screw anything up and making sure the tires/tubes are actually holding air. I took some quick runs around the immediate area, decide I love the new tires and that I'm not going to wait until tomorrow - I'm going back to Mayfield right now!

This time the ride was totally uneventful, but incredibly nice - the weather was perfect and the Shinkos feel better both on and off the pavement and feel so much more sure-footed in the loose sand/gravel/dirt that I prefer to spend my time riding in. 


I finally made it!


Final note: The Mayfield destination was only 2 miles away when I had the flat tire...I probably should have walked there while waiting for the wife, but (to me at least) that would have defeated the whole purpose of these Challenge destinations...right?


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