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First Ride, Pearl

By Trent - Posted on 30 January 2016

This ride was a lot of firsts: first ride of the year, first ride out of town on a KLR, first ride off road, first time laying down a motorcycle, and first ride report.


I bought my first dual sport before Christmas last year and have been itching to take it out for a ride.  The wet, winter weather broke and the temperatures were above freezing so I took my chances on a short 50 mile ride. 



I have always wanted to visit Pearl Idaho.  I have driven past the turnoff all my life but never ventured down that dirt road until now.



It was a cloudy day with periodic breaks of sunshine.  The animals were out, hawks, ground squirrels, deer and antelope.  It rained the day before and the sandy road was soft and wet.



Old mine.



I checked the map before heading out but did not pay attention to the elevation.  Though  the valley was snow free the road ascended 2,700 feet into the snowline.  I had to turn back once the road became hard packed ice covered with fresh powder.



While coming off the mountain I hit a soft, muddy patch and the bike slid out from under me.  Fortunately no damage to me or the bike just a little mud.  I’ll have to pick up a front engine guard before my next trip.  



Lessons learned from my first ride.  

  1. When planning a route pay attention to elevation changes especially early in the season.  

  2. Be careful on soft, wet roads.

  3. Handguards work.

  4. It gets cold riding in 40 degree weather for 2 hours without heated grips or gear.



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