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First Aid and Back Country Preparedness Clinic

By coolsen - Posted on 25 February 2016

About 30 members of the club attended the First Aid and Back Country Preparedness Clinic held Saturday, February 20, 2016, at Big Twin.  A big thank you to Michael Hardy for arranging this clinic and to Kevin at Big Twin for hosting our club.  Much useful information was presented, some of which is available here in the attached files for review by club members.

The attached documents pertaining to the Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue Unit presentation include:

1.  Backcountry Safety & Survival - 10 Essentials

2.  Code of Responsibililty for Outdoor Activities

3.  Why Cotton Kills - a Technical Explanatioin

The PDF file of Dr. Olsen's Power Point presentation that could not be viewed due to technical issues is also attached.  Due to its large file size, quality of the imbedded photos was reduced and the two imbedded movies can not be viewed, but the outline and discussion points are well preserved.  The reference articles in the IAMC Newsletter and website resources are also attached.


Backcountry Safety & Survival - 10 Essectials.pdf88.88 KB
Code of Responsibiliity for Outdoor Activities copy.pdf296.84 KB
Why Cotton Kills - A Technical Explanation.pdf673.47 KB
First Aid Presentation [2].pdf7.15 MB
First Aid and Back Country Preparedness Clinic.pdf52.37 KB
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