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Ola Inn reborn!

By oldnut - Posted on 01 April 2016

Friend Joey, an Emmett resident, visitied Ola a couple weekends ago and reported that the Ola Inn had not only been saved from the wrecking ball but restored and remodeled.  Last time I was there it was closed and looking abandoned and sadly derelict.  He said the new proprietors were friendly and the food was good.  So, early this week Joey, Terry and I decided to start the spring riding season with a ride to check it out.   Terry and I left Boise after 9:00 am. and met Joey on state highway 52 just east of Montour, then we wheeled north past Sweet on Ola Road.  Traffic was very light and the road surface is fresh from last summer.  The cool morning only served to excite our anticipation of a good breakfast and several cups of steaming bean brew.  On arrival at the Inn we were impressed with the facelift and after sidestands were deployed we were warmly greeted by the hostess who invited us in and showed off the improvements and details of a challenging remodel and upgrade.    We ordered and were treated to a fine, tasty traditional breakfast of biscuits and gravy, fried potato coins and that hot cup during which I took the opportunity to explain why I was getting photos of myself with the blue bandana.  After that explanation the locals approved and said they are looking forward to meeting all of us motoidaho types, expressing enthusiasm for our mission.  The "cook" is an ex-dirt bike rider who confessed to once possessing an impressive array of bike brands long since gone classic.

I hope you all will take time to stop to introduce yourselves, show your Challenge bandana and partake of the cuisine.  Support of places like this is essential to maintaining the lifestyle quality of this part of our state.   I plan to return soon to try the cheeseburger.  Hours: 7am. to 7pm. Tuesday through Saturday, Sundays 7am. to 5pm. and they are closed on Monday. 

 Checkered tablecloths flanked by the original sign!

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