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Idaho City - Banks

By tsfranklin - Posted on 17 May 2010

 Finally had a chance to step out and get some ride time in on Sunday. After a hairy Saturday (Dad had a flat tire on the Harley out by Ontario), we needed a nice relaxing ride. I hopped on my GS and mom and dad took the KTM Adventure - no bueno on the Hog!

After a quick blip on the Interstate from Caldwell up to the Outlet Malls, we turned out toward Lucky Peak and motored up through the twisties to Idaho City. You know it's a relatively short ride, but getting the cobwebs out of my head from the last few weeks was simple with all the beautiful greenery that's popped up after all our rain.

Idaho City was packed with riders of every type. Go-Fast bikes parked next to Goldwings parked next to Harleys parked next to dirtbikes. Everyone enjoying the adventure of 2 wheels! We grabbed a quick snack and soda, then sat in front of the chamber of commerce watching the bikes go past. After the wood bench made the seat on the GS too inviting, it was time to zip out of town.

The trip between Idaho City and Lowman is amazing. I've seen some great country, but that is hard to beat. The road is well mainained, the weather was incredible, and the corners nice and sharp. A few miles out and I had forgotten the irritating issues plaguing my life and I was ready to roll on forever!

Lowman to Banks was a glimpse of heaven. Hardly any traffic, roads mostly clear of rock, and a wicked awesome ride. We stopped by the river for a bit and watched the kayaks and rafters negotiate the stairstep rapids and then headed on to Horseshoe Bend. A delicious meal at Kit's Riverside and we were ready to finish up the trip to Boise.

Other than an idiot who didn't realize that we were in the road, the trip went awesome. A great ride, good company, great roads, amazing bikes...

This is why I ride!

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