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An error was made in tabulating the 2015 IAMC Challenge Site visits.  Matt Spurlock is a Platinum Level winner instead of a Silver Level winner.  His adventure with the 2015 Challenge has been added to the January issue of the IAMC Newsletter at this site: motoidaho.org/node/3337

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It is that time of year again to start planning our first gathering for the next year's riding season.  We will be discussing various changes regarding the club as well as giving out awards for the 2015 Challengers, review of new club By Laws, election of officers, and maybe a discussion of the 2016 Challenge.  Make sure you opt in and get this on your calendar as it is always great to get everyone together to visit.  See you all soon!!  This is also a good meeting to bring prospective new

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The January 2016 issue of the newsletter is now available and may be accessed at this site:  motoidaho.org/node/3337



In this Issue. . . .

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The September 2015 issue of the IAMC Newsletter is now available to read at this site:  motoidaho.org/node/3160

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The May issue of the IAMC Newsletter is now available to read.  It can be found at this site.