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Trinity Lookout

By JimE - Posted on 16 July 2010

  •  Member Ride
  •   07/18/2010 - 9:30 am
  •   07/18/2010 - 4:00 pm
  •  ~170mi
  •  Chevron Station/Burger King off Gowen Rd
  •  Not Applicable
  •  Every 150 Miles
  •  Pack it in, Pack it out

Difficulty Rating:

3 - Advanced Skills

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Ride Description:

Planning to do a day trip out to pick up Trinity Mtn Lookout and if anyone still needs them, Castle Rocks and Mayfield could be added.

The pseudo-loop would be to take freeway down to Blacks Creek Rd, through Prairie, up to Trinity Lookout, continue up then cut over to Featherville, down to Pine. (I think they have gas if someone needed it.)  Follow along north side of Anderson Res, up 113/Prairie Creek Rd back to Prairie and back out Blacks Creek to I-84.  I plan to take back roads toward Kuna and then cut up to Meridian, but others probably just take freeway.

Plan to run a somewhat brisk pace on the open gravel roads and estimate get back to Boise around 4pm timeframe.

Contact Information:

Jim at 908-0050 (This information has been provided by the creator of this event page.)

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