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By RonS - Posted on 27 March 2019

Check in at this site

  • Site # 11
  • GPS Coordinates: N 44.3874333333224 W 114.69586668536
  • Elevation: feet
  • Benchmark Page:
  • Benchmark Coordinates:
  • Ride Difficulty: 2


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Check-Ins for this Challenge Point

 Arrived here at the tail end of their Custer Days Celebration.  A few of the locals were kind enough to pose for me.

Posted by Dusty Trail on 2019-07-17 20:12

 What a cool town to go back and visit some day.  The road up past the dredge was perfect. No one except a gov. worker was there when I passed through 

Posted by rScherzer on 2019-07-21 18:13

 The tour guide had some very interesting stories.  He had a lot of dirt on JR Simplot.  I didn't know that Simplot was the last owner of the dredge that was a few miles before Custer.

Posted by englund on 2019-08-09 05:49

 I don't think I have ever been here when the store is open. They have great homemade ice cream!

Posted by shutterman on 2019-09-02 18:50

Special Ed @ Custer

Posted by Special Ed on 2019-09-16 13:15

 Very cool mining town. Easy to get to by bike or car, I'll be bringing my wife up here in the AWD next spring to drive the mine town loop.

Posted by KaptSlow on 2019-10-16 16:50