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By RonS - Posted on 27 March 2019

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  • Site # 15
  • GPS Coordinates: N 42.9167166911065 W 116.782599985599
  • Elevation: 5300 feet
  • Benchmark Page: 70
  • Benchmark Coordinates: F5
  • Ride Difficulty: 3


Some ten miles southwest of Silver City is the town of Flint. Still standing are several frame houses and part of the old mill. The town had a population of about fifteen hundred inhabitants, a post office, livery stable, stores and the usual saloons. Indians were a constant threat and took the lives of a number of its people. Two remote graves on a juniper-covered hilltop nearby are those of William L. Black and his daughter-in-law, an Emma Myers. From a vantage point on Saddle Rock, an Indian shot a well placed arrow as Black stepped from his cabin. The town lost several of its prominent citizens in battles with the Indians before the U.S. Cavalry finally put down the uprising.

The Town can only be accessed from the North, if you try to come in from the South (flint road) there is a locked gate.

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Check-Ins for this Challenge Point

 Bill, Mark and I rode from the staging area at the intersection of Silver City Road & Ridge Road up to Silver CIty, then to Flint via Long Gulch. The route would have been doable on my GS, but not fun. I was glad to be on the WR.

Bill got into a bit of trouble about 3 miles out of Flint, I'll let him fill you in on the details. We ended up logging about 90 miles, averaging 16mph. It was a long day. 

Posted by KaptSlow on 2019-06-30 08:50

 The ride was going really well until about 3 miles from Flint.  I was tooling along in third gear riding through changing light conditions when all of a sudden there was a barbwire gate across the road.  I had no time to react and ended up running right into the gate.  The gate posts were hidden by trees and I just couldn't see the wire.  We installed a red bandana on the gate to help people spot the gate.  Please be aware if you are traveling to Flint from Silver City there is a gate about 3.5 miles before Flint.  Don't do what I did!  I may be in my wheelchair for awhile :/

Posted by billbart on 2019-06-30 13:52

 What a cool area and old mining town. I didnt open any gates that day as SpecialEd and Cuprum Hermit were swaping leader positions. The road in was a lot of fun.  I have no idea as I was just following along blindly.  

Posted by rScherzer on 2019-06-30 17:32

Nice ride in, we busted through some snow drifts, cool old town.

Posted by Special Ed on 2019-07-19 12:11

I entered and returned via Silver City and War Eagle.  Fun ride.  The DR handled like a Sherman tank through the rocks.  

Posted by englund on 2019-07-20 19:24