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Pole Creek Guard Station

By RonS - Posted on 27 March 2019

Check in at this site

  • Site # 32
  • GPS Coordinates: N 43.9109802246093 W 114.743700027465
  • Elevation: feet
  • Benchmark Page:
  • Benchmark Coordinates:
  • Ride Difficulty:


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Photo taken June 22, 2019. This is a historic guard station with informative kiosks beatiful views along the way.

Posted by coolsen on 2019-07-01 14:28

 There is also a road that goes to the back of the guard station where you can park and walk down to the station. Nice view of the Sawtooths from here.

Posted by Dusty Trail on 2019-07-17 20:07

I took this picture before heading up to Blackrock Mine.  I found the enterance to the guard station (without the locked gate) on the other side on my way back out.  It is good for a good walk around to streach the legs.

Posted by englund on 2019-08-09 05:57

 About as close as you can get from the road.

Posted by BoiseMike on 2019-08-23 10:00

 I decided to walk down to the building

Posted by shutterman on 2019-09-02 19:22

Special Ed @ Pole Creek Guard Station

Posted by Special Ed on 2019-09-16 13:19


The north entrance was locked when I got there, so this was the best shot I could get. You can access the area on foot from the south, which is worth the walk.

Posted by KaptSlow on 2019-10-16 16:53