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Louie Lake

By ryanwilliamcantrell - Posted on 09 October 2010

  •  Community Ride
  •   10/15/2010 - 5:00 pm
  •   10/16/2010 - 3:00 pm
  •  ~100 miles each way (maybe more coming back... pending the route we take home).
  •  Chevron at Hwy 55 and Beacon Light.
  •  Primitive Camping
  •  Not Applicable
  •  Pack it in, Pack it out

Difficulty Rating:

4 - Master Rider

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Ride Description:

Phil and I would like to hit Louie Lake once more this year, before the snow flies. The colors up there are outstanding right now, and the lake is low, so we'll have plenty of soft grass to sleep on.

Bring your warm bags, because it'll be COLD up there. I'm sure it'll get 25-30 degrees at night.

We'll leave the Chevron at 5:00pm SHARP, because it's 100 miles up there, and the sun goes down at 7:00 pm now. We'll be getting up there as fast as we can,  pending getting stuck behind motorhomes and old ladies.

We'll take highway 55 up there, and hang a right on Elo Rd, right before you get to McCall. The reason this is a level 4 ride, is because the last 300 years are so, are treacherous. It's rocky, steep (at times), rocky, loose, and rocky. The rest of the ride is a breeze, and even riding the highway is quite nice this time of the year. Though I may by on my 950, big bikes are advised against, unless you're quite proficient on it, and you don't mind slipping the clutch (a lot) I strongly advise against panniers for this ride!!

We'll get up there with just enough time ot pitch our tent and start a fire Fri night... with lots of BS'ing around the campfire. Saturday, we'll see who want to go where... but Phil and I are likely to tackle Phil-Hill (East Mt ATV) on the way home... then who knows from there. Anyone can take the highway home too, if they're in a hurry to get home Saturday morning.

Take a pair of dry socks, in case you dump it in the water crossing. A warm jacket for that evening is advised, as well as warm clothing for the ride Saturday morning. Pack light... as you'll be sweating for the last 300 yards into the lake. :)

Here are some pics of the area...





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