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Help on winter Maintenance

By AlaskaKLR - Posted on 29 December 2010

Hi, i am looking to do a full maintenance on my KLR whicy i have not done before. I have 12,000 miles on my 2006 KLR. I have new tires, front springs/fork oil, brake pads---??? My front brake is dragging with the new "Green Pad" I see a mark on the piston area but no other issues. But it works with old black pads and drags a lot with new green pads,. Any ideas??? Also i want to grease the swing arm and all underneath including the wheel bearings. ??? Do i need a jack or can i do it on the center stand? I got a new "NUT" for the front sprocket which i changed to a 14 tooth hoping to switch back to a 16 tooth when on the open road. SO what is the nut size of the new $9.95 nut? 24 mm i think, or have been told. I do not have a 24mm socket (yet) so i would like to know before spending the $$,. Hope someone looks at this and can help a new BEE. 

GARY aka AlaskaKLR