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Castle Rocks

By RonS - Posted on 22 March 2022

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  • Site # 10
  • GPS Coordinates: N43 19.681 W115 18.874
  • Elevation: feet
  • Benchmark Page: 73
  • Benchmark Coordinates: A7
  • Ride Difficulty: 2


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Check-Ins for this Challenge Point

Site 10
27MAR2022: After stopping in Mayfield (Challenge Site 21) we continued east, on well-graded dirt roads, through the Danskins and the Boise National Forest,  to HWY 20 where we headed NE to the Castle Rocks access road. There was a sign that said road closed, which The Dude roosted as he went past. Within a few miles, we found out why.
We were about two weeks too early, and there was still a fare bit of snow-covered ice on the dirt road. We got through several patches, but the mighty 990 and my humble TransAlp were denied just four-tenths of a mile short of the Challenge Site coordinates. If I end up out that way later in the year, I’ll try again. If not, you be the judge of the worthiness of my antique steed and I.

Posted by KaptSlow on 2022-03-28 14:02

 We hit up Castle Rock during the Poker ride! Got a little soggy, but no one complained.

Posted by crane550 on 2022-04-30 22:00

Special Ed @ Castle Rocks

Posted by Special Ed on 2022-07-20 15:42

 FW190Pilot at Castle Rocks on April 30th during the Poker Run.  

Posted by FW190Pilot on 2022-08-29 04:55

Gmountai: Quick tag at Castle Rocks while on IDBDR trip

Posted by gmountai on 2023-01-04 12:23