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Poison Ck. to Leslie & back on Succor Ck.

By oldnut - Posted on 06 June 2011

Ol' steelhead and I had been waiting for the "perfect" day to ride to Leslie Gulch and we got it.  I planned to ride to Marsing and ride Poison Creek to Rockville and then into Leslie Gulch.  I had never been on Poison Creek before so it was great to finally get to see this part of Oregon/Idaho. First stop was the Poison Creek Stage Stop.

The building is in remarkable condition considering its age and history.  The climate has preserved the sandstone blocks and though the windows are all gone many of the internal walls are still covered with lathe.  The roof is in poor shape and the northeast corner has fallen away.

This stage stop resident was ketchin' some rays.

We got to watch as local ranch hands drove a herd to summer pasture along McBride Creek.

The sign at the summit tells the story of how the gulch got its name.

The geology here is wild.  Some of the rock is quite hard while adjacent rocks are soft and riddled with holes caused by wind and water, heat and cold.

Traffic was brisk.  Many cabin fever sufferers were out to catch the scenery before the real summer heat begins. 

We always referred to formations like these as "honeycombs".  The soft rock is riddled with pockets.

The scale is deceptive.

The ride through Succor Creek Canyon is always a treat in early summer and this year the water is very high and the foliage quite lush.  

After a stop in Homedale for a cherry Sprite ol' steelhead and I  wound our way home.  Great ride!  I scored 2 Challenge 2011 sites!

Thanks Ed!


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