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Oyhee Uplands Back Country Byway

By oldnut - Posted on 10 July 2011

I didn't need to sell ol' steelhead on another trip to the Owyhee Byway.  He was ready to ride and even showed early in anticipation of a long day in the saddle.  After a tire pressure check we hit the road about 8:30 am. and wound our way on the backroads to the towns of Kuna, Melba and Murphy.  We left ID highway 78 at the turnoff to Oreana then rode the Oreana Cuttoff Road to Doyle Road. I stopped for site photos at Doyle Place.


The old cabin is still standing but the roof may not stand many more snow packs like last winter.

This shot is from the hill behind the cabin and shows the view of Birch Creek and Doyle Mountain.

I believe the mountain to the right of steelhead is Quicksilver Mountain (elev. 8,082') as viewed from Doyle Road near the summit of Clover Mountain.  After some great 2 track we connected to Castle Creek Road and wound our way back on to the main road near Battle Creek and continued west.

  After butt-rest and road snacks in the shade of a large juniper I took a few Challenge 2011 site photos of signage at North Fork (Owyhee River) Campground. 

Take the time to read the info, very interesting.  We rode westward to Jordan Valley, Oregon, fueled and slurped icy Mountain Dews at Mrs. Z's in Jordan Valley, then backtracked to the Flint Creek Road.

I had to photograph this amazing view of Jodan Creek Valley.  What a place!  That's South Mountain (elev. 7,850').  

I had heard that the road to Flint would be blocked from the south but this gate was only 100 yards from the main road.  A great dissappointment for those of us who will not tresspass on private land.


The road passed Spencer Reservoir (5,103'), turned north to become Bachman Grade.  It's in excellent condition but the Grade has many long stretches of deep gravel.  This view is looking north from Henderson Point at over 5,800', but due to hazey summer conditions it's not very clear.  The green patch at the bottom is Oreana.

The homeward ride was hot so we opted to take the backroads and enjoy the cool air made when fields of corn, wheat and alfalfa are irrigated by thousands of sprinklers.  Butt-sore and hungry I returned home after 8 pm.   Mileage: 327, saddle time: 8 hours 37 minutes.  Only got lost 3 times!

Great ride!


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