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Grandjean, Dagger and White Hawk

By oldnut - Posted on 12 July 2011

I posted this ride but no takers, only me 'n' ol' steelhead.  Left my place @ 8 am. and headed up ID 21 to Idaho City and Lowman.  Then took the road to Grandjean. 

The South Fork Payette River is still very full and looked to be unfishable. 

Stopped at Sawtooth Lodge for the mandatory site photo.  Lovin' my new DR though she takes some "gettin' used to" after all those miles on Li'l Kawkroach KLR.

Just one last shot of the best view ever.  Who knows, may not make it this was again.  Rode over Banner Summit (elev. 7,020'), turned off asphalt near Banner Creek C. G., rode over Cape Horn summit (ele. 7,306') and down to Bruce Meadows.  The dirt is "oiled" to prevent dust from Middle Fork tourist traffic.

On the way to Dagger Falls we stopped in Bruce Meadows to admire the wildflowers and panoramas.

  Steelhead shot site photo of me on catwalk at Dagger Falls.

How much is too much water?

Blue Bunch clings to the canyon wall.

At the Boundary Creek Launch rafts were at the ready for the trip to Corn Creek. 

We then retraced our route to Bruce Meadows and turned south on FS 582 through Bear Valley following Bear Valley Creek to Clear Creek Summit (elev. 7,100') then up FS 510 to White Hawk Basin.

This panorama taken on White Hawk Road near the Boise and Valley County lines.  That thin strip of blue over the ridge is Deadwood Reservoir. 


This was as close to the coordinates for White Hawk as I could find.  Road was in excellent condition and I made good time.  Rode out of Bear Valley on Clear Creek Road, FS 582. Lowman was hot so didn't linger but altitude at Beaver Creek Pass (elev. 6,041') and Mores Creek Pass (elev. 6,117') kept us cool until Idaho City.  Got home before 7 pm..

Great trip, beautiful day, didn't get lost, bike ran super, no one got hurt, bad, and only one major "get-off".  GPS said 295 miles, 7 hours 33 minutes butt time.

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