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Black Rock Mine & Hindman Lake

By oldnut - Posted on 29 September 2011

With only two more sites left to claim for Challenge Platinum Knobby and the close of a glorious Indian Summer looming, I talked ol' steelhead intto joining me for the trip to Stanley Basin for one more outing. 


We trailered the bikes early Tuesday am. and were on the way to Lowman passing through Garden Valley before the sun had risen.  The aspens in Stanley Basin had turned and the brilliant yellows, oranges and reds dazzled us as we traveled south.  I drove straight to Smiley Creek and we detrailered the bikes at the turn off.  We rode up Pole Creek past Germania Creek but when it started to get gnarly steelhead opted to stay behind and relax.  I forged on with only a minor tip over and a run through the timber when a big doe mulie darted right in front of me.

This shot is at the first cabin you reach from the road/trail with Washington Basin as a backdrop.

Near the road's end there were remains of several log structures including this roof of a collapsed cabin.

It's very obvious why they call these the White Clouds as many of the peaks appear cloud white from a distance.

This panorama is of Washington Basin looking southwest.

After the ride out we trailered the bikes and drove back through Stanley to Basin Butte Road across from Stanley Lake Road, parked, untrailered the DR and I headed north on Basin Butte Road then on to the Hindman Lake Road.

The panoramas from this side of Stanley Basin are really spectacular and the road was fairly easy going up to this point.

The road/trail was tough but fun, however, last 50-60 yards to the lake looked too gnarly for my skill level and the lake looked quite close so I opted to walk the short distance to the waters edge.  Beautiful remote spot.  I did not see another person on the whole ride in and out.  

     GPS shows the lake and its relatively small size.

 On the way down this great angle of the White Clouds with just a hint of forest fire smoke in the air.

Camera pointed towards Galena Summit.

Well, I thought this final shot of the Sawtooth Mountain Range was a fitting end to my 2011 Challenge effort.  I've learned so much about the beautiful, amazing, historical and inspiring area that is available for us dual sporters close to my home.  I've also realized personal growth, improving my riding skills and strengthening my character.

Can't get enough of those panoramas!  Just one more. The Sawtooth's long cool shadows caught us as we pulled on to Highway 21 and headed home.

Thanks to Ed Hiatt, and Terri too, for working to keep the Challenge going.  Please keep it up, Ed.  Old guys like ol' steelhead and me look forward to taking in the places we've missed or revisiting the ones we love and the nudge of the Challenge is what it takes to get us off our old butts and git 'r done.  I couldn't have dreamed of the sights I have seen since I started riding again four years ago.

These rides were tough with just a touch of terror but way fun. 




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