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Meadow Creek Lookout

By hez - Posted on 03 April 2012

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  • Site # 15
  • GPS Coordinates: N44.8683 W115.3892
  • Elevation: 8805 feet
  • Benchmark Page: 46
  • Benchmark Coordinates: G4
  • Ride Difficulty: 2


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my GPS took me on a old forest road, the last 1/2 mile before it joined up with the main road was covered with blow downs, had a lot of fun going over, through and around them.  (through = I had to use my hatchet to cut through one)  There was a snow drift completely blocking the road 2 miles out (its right before a sign).  Took me a few minutes to get over the drift.

Posted by ID scout on 2012-07-09 15:01

nice spot with beautiful mountains on every side...  we saw 3 nice bull elk near the top...  guess I know where I'm going to hunt this year!!

Posted by silverspurs on 2012-07-14 21:29

With passing thunderstorm cells Silverspurs and I almost didn't go to the top!  The road is clear though BUT watch out for low haning trees.

Low Tree

Rick will now demonstrate how to properly pass this...  First the setup. Notice how he squares up with the tree.  Can't you just see the confidence brewing!


And now for the duck and throttle!

Posted by daxm on 2012-07-14 21:47

 Don't take the Thunder Mountain trail. Where trail 440 meets 640 is supposed to be washed out.  The road in from Monument summit was the better way in for me.

Posted by Gary on 2012-09-05 08:02

I had  lot of fun on the road into this lookout.

Posted by Handy on 2012-10-05 09:20