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Inskip Station

By hez - Posted on 03 April 2012

Check in at this site

  • Site # 25
  • GPS Coordinates: N42.9518 W117.3393
  • Elevation: 4230 feet
  • Benchmark Page: 70
  • Benchmark Coordinates: E1
  • Ride Difficulty: 2


  (Jean Baptiste Charbonneau Grave)


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Check-Ins for this Challenge Point

we had quite an adventure trying to go from Birch Creek to Inskip on backroads...  fun day

Posted by silverspurs on 2012-05-19 18:23

 Cool place in the middle of nowhere....

Posted by Special Ed on 2012-05-22 19:35

First site on my list but it was before I received my bandanna so I hope there is some leniency in the judging...Great ride in spite of the wind.

Posted by gtsweeney on 2012-05-29 17:13

 I never knew this was out here!  I little hard to find without a GPS but I was lucky and got directions in Jordan Valley as well as along the gravel road from a passing farmer.

Posted by daxm on 2012-06-02 22:49

I never knew this site was out here in the middle of no where. I guess that is what makes the challenge FUN. I was amazed at the different things people have added to the grave site. Life was tough back in the Ole Days for sure.

Posted by CiscoKid on 2012-06-03 07:10

Quite the story behind this guy. Apparently he lead a pretty full life before 'cashing in'

Posted by LegIron on 2012-07-27 09:14

I needed a guide for this trip.

Posted by Gary on 2012-07-31 12:48

Inskip Station 8-18-12

Posted by sage on 2012-08-18 17:48

I din't know Pomp was so fond of Miller Lite.

Posted by Handy on 2012-08-31 21:54

Great monument with several nice bronze plaques remarkably free of vandalism.  List of others buried here was insightful also.

Posted by oldnut on 2012-09-20 22:49

I enjoyed the ride out to Inskip Station and learning more about Jean Baptiste Charbonneau.

Posted by coolsen on 2012-10-12 20:29

Forgot my bandana. The clouds were threatening all day but held back and allowed for a great (probably) last ride for the season. Empty trails, great traction and no dust. Ridden 20 Nov

Posted by ID scout on 2012-11-22 01:05