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2012 IAMC Challenge Sites

By coolsen - Posted on 14 April 2012

2012 IAMC Challenge Sites.GPX

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2012 IAMC Challenge Sites.pdf

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  • Max Altitude: feet
  • Road Maintenance:
  • Road Surface:
    • Pavement
    • Gravel
    • Rocky
  • Features:
    • Camping
    • Hot Springs
    • Historical Sites
    • Little/No Route Marking
    • Ridge Road
    • Rock or Mud Slides
    • Side Hills
    • Steepness
    • Water Crossings
  • Turns:
    • Switchbacks
    • Blind
    • Off-Camber


This GPX file contains all the 2012 IAMC Challenge Sites with the addresses and elevations.  The photo is a map of these sites in Google Earth.  The attached PDF file is a list of this year's Challenge Sites along with the Benchmark Map and GPS coordinates.

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