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Trip to Gunnison to pick up a new bike!

Picked up my new 2006 Tiger with 7500 miles from Doug in Gunnison CO on Friday afternoon. My Father in law was heading home from our house so he was able to give me a lift out there. We headed to Gunnison on Thursday and camped at Hartman Rocks where we were able to get some great mountain bike rides in.

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Dug Bar on Snake river

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Ride to The City of Rocks

Due to a last minute change of plans I was able to join the BMW of Idaho Club for the annual ride, meet and camp out at The City of Rocks. It was the perfect opportunity to grab some IAMC 2013 Challenge sites along the way.  Here are some of the photos I took with comments.

The air was washed clean from the recent rains and high winds making for excellent panoramic possibilities.   This view's of the Owyhees.

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McCall and Whitebird Challenge Sites.

 Got a wild hair yesterday around noon to go up and hit all of the IAMC Challenge sites up north of McCall and around Whitebird.  So I packed up and hit the road. I didn't realize it until I started fiddling with my GPS along the way, but there was one site I hadn't been to right along the way, Paddy Flat Guard Station.

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Boiling Springs, FAA Radar Site, and Sage Hen Reservoir

 Decided yesterday that I needed to get out and hit some more Challenge Sites, I got all packed up this morning, and then decided to hop on the site to check a couple things.  Low and behold, Silverspurs just posted a ride for this weekend to do these exact sites along the route I planned to take.  So I had to decide whether I wanted to wait or not.  Because of my work situation I am not sure I'd be around this weekend so I decided to go for it.

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