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How to Correctly Post Your Challenge Images

By coolsen - Posted on 14 April 2015

Do you remember this guy?  He's wondering how to correctly post his Challenge site photo on the challenge site check-in page.  He first appeared on the home page of our website in March 2010 when Heather Hiatt gave us directions of how to post the 2010 Challenge site photos to the website.  Her instructions are given here

2010 was the first year IAMC held a Challenge with sites at which we were to chek-in and upload our photos to document that we had visited them. 


Since then, the way we check-in is a little different.  Your check-in photo does not need to first be uploaded to a photo hosting site like Photobucket, Flickr, Smugmug, etc.  You should upload them directly from your computer.

Give your photo an "image caption," Under check-in image, click on the browse button and then select the photo file name on your computer that you want to upload to this site.  When you click the upload button, the photo you have selected will become your official documentation that you visited this site.  Contained in the photo should be you and/or your bike,  the 2015 purple Challenge bandana or T-shirt, and some portion of the site that we can identify as the site.  Be sure you have the correct photo for this site because once you upload it, you can not correct or edit it.


Put something in the comment box below your check-in photo.  I often just put the date the photo was taken.  By doing this, your name or "handle" will be attached to your photo.  If you put nothing in the comment box, the check-in photo you post remains anonomous.  That can be a real problem at the end of the year getting credit for checking into a site if we can't idenify you or your bike.  That ambiguity is totally eliminated by putting a comment in the comment box.


A group photo for a challenge site will only be credited to the individual who uploads it.  In order for each individual Challenge participant to get credit for visiting a site, that individual needs to upload a photo under their own IAMC login


This year there are 44 Challenge sites corresponding to the 44 counties in Idaho.  With each site there are three options.  All "a" options are county courhouses, all "b" options are a specified off-road site, and all "c" options are a site of your own choosing in that county.  If you choose a "c" option, be sure to give your choice a proper site name along with the GPS and/or Benchmark Map coordinates.  Your GPS tracks getting there are preferable (if you have them).  Make sure that you post your site photo to the correct option, "a", "b" or "c".





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