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The January issue of the IAMC Newsletter is available at this link.

In this Issue. . . .

Part a:
*  Summary of the 2016 IAMC Challenge (Craig O. Olsen)
*  Off Road Riding Techniques (Marisa McInturff)
*  My Experience with the 2016 IAMC Challenge (Mark England - Platinum Level Winner)
*  2016 IAMC Challenge (Ron Hoppins - Platinum Level Winner) 

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You may access the September issue of the Newsletter at this site.


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The Annual IAMC Fall Ride will be held September 8-11, 2016, in conjunction with the Heart of Idaho Rally - 2016 sponsored by Happy Trails Products.  Please review the details for this favorite club event at this site and make your lodging reservations early!

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The May issue of the IAMC Newsletter is now available at this site:  motoidaho.org/node/3497


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The 2016 IAMC Challenge Sites are now all uploaded to the website, and you should have received your official 2016 Challenge bandana at the challenge kick-off BBQ yesterday (March 20, 2016).  Many thanks to Mike Hardy for organizing the BBQ and selecting this year's challenge site.