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2024 Challenge

2024 is shaping up to be a great year for riding, and we are excited to re-launch the IAMC challenge. We invite you to get out there this year to see some new sights, visit some old favorite spots, push your limits a little and (most of all) get to better know the great state of Idaho. 

Download the 2024 Challenge Sites in GPX Format here:

NumberLocationCoordinatesElevation (ft)Difficulty
01Jump Creek Falls43.47994, -116.9237625931
02Snake River Birds of Prey Overlook43.29791, -116.4337727802
03Reynolds Creek Cemetery43.20247, -116.7491639742
04Old Ford Boise Marker43.82360, -117.0204021961
05Silver City Cemetery43.01924, -116.7347161532
06Fairview Cemetery43.01180, -116.6962670113
07War Eagle Mountain43.00684, -116.7045980253
08Delamar Cemetery43.02390, -116.8266256543
09Coffeepot Crater43.14709, -117.4590445593
10Birch Creek Ranch43.21518, -117.5029727223
11Thorn Creek Lookout43.74470, -115.7516074803
12Pilot Peak43.95981, -115.6866081003
13Scott Mountain Lookout44.18152, -115.7890381573
14Rocky Bar43.68875, -115.2890552622
15Atlanta43.80238, -115.1292554002
16Doyle Place Cabin42.84519, -116.3339941763
17Dagger Falls44.52821, -115.2843257193
18Paddock Valley Dam44.19790, -116.5990332223
19Slope Road43.83811, -116.4758028411
20Canyon Creek Station Marker43.26192, -115.7037135992
21The Y Stop43.50860, -115.6261246392
22Miner’s Cabin43.00490, -116.6992676143
23Leslie Gulch Boat Ramp43.32209, -117.3232627003
24Succor Creek Mine Shaft43.48360, -117.1282327003
25Custer44.38779, -114.6965670742
26Idaho City43.82583, -115.8330239211
27Lowman Historical Marker44.08240, -115.6099938441
28North Fork Owyhee Campground42.59308, -116.9818547972
29Torrey’s Hole44.25571, -114.5941957191
30Bison Jump Historical Marker44.47174, -114.2155550391
31Bay Horse Ghost Town44.39749, -114.3128870712
32Deadwood City & Mine44.46947, -115.5845960032
33Keeney Pass Interpretive Site43.90933, -117.1762529271
34South Fork Picture Op43.55044, -115.7872938182
35Twin Peaks44.59326, -114.47639103123
36Shoo Fly Pioneer Cemetery42.84231, -116.1068729931
37I Gotta Stop and Pee42.58153, -116.6762852002
38Celebration Park43.29942, -116.5227522861
39Pelota Fronton42.97465, -117.0527344101
40Yellow Pine Pit44.92626, -115.3375962542
41Yellow Pine44.96268, -115.4933947732
42High Valley Guard Station44.21263, -116.1530748792
43Hells Canyon Overlook45.12397, -116.8361155571
44Imnaha45.55933, -116.8333619712
45Cuprum45.08568, -116.6966943002
46Old Wees Ranch43.28171, -116.4084523004
47Indian Hot Springs42.33756, -115.6471536984
48Winter Camp42.55367, -115.5055539743
49Water Crossing???
50Pick Your Own Site???
51Kickoff Picnic43.55310, -116.5657425011
2024 Challenge Sites