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14 – Rocky Bar

Rocky Bar is a ghost town in Elmore County, Idaho.  At its height in the late 19th century, Rocky Bar boasted a population of over 2,500 and served as county seat of Alturas County from 1864 to 1882.  It was also the original county seat of Elmore County when it was created in 1889.  Rocky Bar was founded in December 1863 soon after gold was discovered along the nearby Feather River.  Within two years it became the main settlement in the area and was even considered as a possible capital for Idaho Territory.  The town was destroyed by fire in 1892.  Although it was rebuilt, afterwards it began a slow decline.  Rocky Bar has not had a permanent population since the 1960s.

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Coordinates: 43.68875, -115.28905
Elevation: 5262 ft
Difficulty: 2
What to Expect: No info

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I took the hard way to Rocky Bar. The roads are in excellent condition as I had been there 3 times over the last weekend but to make it official I road my trail bike up a few single tracks to connect into Rocky Bar. My route is a level 5 for the club. If you ride single track this is a smooth-flowing trail with a few technical spots.

Hers my tracks

What bike did you take?
24 Husky TE300
Ride Difficulty (1 to 5)

It’s July 4th, and I figured Middle Fork Rd would be a zoo. So, I slabbed it to Featherville and got 14 and 15 from the south. The run from Featherville to Rocky Bar is a graded dirt highway. It’s super easy, except for the incomers sliding their $60k-plus side-by-sides around blind corners. Sheesh!

What bike did you take?
1989 Honda TransAlp
Ride Difficulty (1 to 5)

Pine -> Rocky Bar -> Atlanta

What bike did you take?
Ride Difficulty (1 to 5)

Rode in via Hwy 21, Middle Fork Boise, Phifer Cr, Trinity Ridge roads. Road in great condition after Twin Springs. No snow on Phifer or Trinity Ridge road. James Creek road is still closed. Road closed sign about 3/4 of a mile up James Cr from Rocky Bar side. Had to back track to make it to Atlanta. Noted signage near Atlanta indicating James Cr road was closed due to flood damage.

What bike did you take?
KTM 890R
Ride Difficulty (1 to 5)

loved the ride up

What bike did you take?
Ride Difficulty (1 to 5)

Easy if hot ride up the hill

What bike did you take?
Ride Difficulty (1 to 5)