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40 – Yellow Pine Pit

The Yellow Pine Pit is an open-pit gold mine in Idaho’s Stibnite Gold Project. The mine is located in the Stibnite/Yellow Pine Mining Area, a 3,000-acre site in the Payette National Forest. The area is in Valley County, 14 miles southeast of Yellow Pine, along the East Fork of the South Fork of the Salmon River.

The Stibnite Gold Project uses an open-pit mining method that involves drill, blast, load, and haul operations. The project aims to start mining again and is expected to provide an estimated $298 million in direct sales transactions in Idaho every year.

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Coordinates: 44.92626, -115.33759
Elevation: 6254 ft
Difficulty: 2
What to Expect: No info

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quick ride out from yellow pine. Amazing how they routed the fish round the pit.

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Glad that they are doing the restoration as part of the new mine operation.

What bike did you take?
KLR 650 2008
Ride Difficulty (1 to 5)

Started to get warm by the time we hit the pit.

What bike did you take?
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Nice ride from Yellow Pine. Good road.

What bike did you take?
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Justin Wilke

Easy graded road from Yellow Pine to get back into the pit. Nice ride next to the river. There is a little observation deck looking over the pit.

What bike did you take?
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