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15 – Atlanta

Atlanta is a living ghost town that was founded in 1864 as a gold mining community. In 1863, gold was discovered in Atlanta, and the area has since experienced gold rushes, busts, fires, and engineering feats. According to the town’s Facebook page, Southerners named it after a supposed Confederate victory in 1864 over Union general William Sherman in Atlanta, Georgia. 

To get to Atlanta from Boise, you can take Highway 21 east to the Middle Fork Boise River Road, which follows the river up and ends in Atlanta. From the south, you can travel Featherville and take either James Creek or Phifer Creek roads from the ghost town of Rocky Bar. 

Beaver Lodge in Atlanta offers comfortable cabins near Sawtooth National Forest and the middle fork of the Boise River. 

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Coordinates: 43.80238, -115.12925
Elevation: 5400 ft
Difficulty: 2
What to Expect: No info

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It’s July 4th, and I figured Middle Fork Rd would be a zoo. So, I slabbed it to Featherville and got sites 14 and 15 from the south. The run from Featherville to Rocky Bar is a graded dirt highway — James Creek Rd, from Rocky Bar to Atlanta, not so much.

James Creek was “graded” in the past week, so it was all loose dirt with fist-sized rocks on top. It’s not difficult, but you’ll want a solid skid plate mounted because your front tire will launch a barrage of projectiles toward your engine for 11 miles.

The road gets relatively narrow around some of the numerous blind turns. On my trip, I was lucky not to encounter any power-sliding side-by-sides or other 4-wheel hazards in the corners. YMMV.

FYI, Beaver Lodge opens for food at 10:00 a.m.

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1989 Honda TransAlp
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Nice ride along the middle fork of the Boise River up to Atlanta on June 15th. The trail conditions were nice, we kept a good pace and there was quite a bit of dust. Enjoyed a burger for lunch at the Beaver Lodge. They had some 91 fuel for sale which he brings out in a 1 gallon gas can for $8/gallon which was a bonus. No firearms sign was posted at the door.
Nice place to check off the list for a casual long ride. Might try the moose burger next time too.

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The road from Rocky Bar to Atlanta was nice

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Great ride in via Hwy 21 and W Fork Boise Road. Road after Twin Springs is currently in great condition and has minimal washboard. Watch for occasional rock fall on the road. Great weather, no dust, and no traffic!

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I was starving when I got there – smoky chicken sandwich did the trick.

What bike did you take?
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Long dusty ride, but the burger was worth it 🙂

What bike did you take?
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