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Challenge 2011

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Black Rock Mine & Hindman Lake

With only two more sites left to claim for Challenge Platinum Knobby and the close of a glorious Indian Summer looming, I talked ol' steelhead intto joining me for the trip to Stanley Basin for one more outing. 


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Lava Rock, Red Rock, Ghost Town and Hot Spring

Idaho’s “Chief Meteorologist” said it was going to be great and the timing was perfect.  It still amazes me how a retiree can get so committed to so many projects.  But you just need to take time to live the dream too.  I had accepted the IAMC Challenge 2011 earlier this year and will try to reach “Platinum Knobby” status this year, that’s 45 sites to collect.  The best I could do for last year’s challlenge was a Gold Knobby with 35 sites collected.  My respect and admiration to last year’s Platinum Riders as I realize

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Grandjean, Dagger and White Hawk

I posted this ride but no takers, only me 'n' ol' steelhead.  Left my place @ 8 am. and headed up ID 21 to Idaho City and Lowman.  Then took the road to Grandjean. 

The South Fork Payette River is still very full and looked to be unfishable. 

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Oyhee Uplands Back Country Byway

I didn't need to sell ol' steelhead on another trip to the Owyhee Byway.  He was ready to ride and even showed early in anticipation of a long day in the saddle.  After a tire pressure check we hit the road about 8:30 am. and wound our way on the backroads to the towns of Kuna, Melba and Murphy.  We left ID highway 78 at the turnoff to Oreana then rode the Oreana Cuttoff Road to Doyle Road. I stopped for site photos at Doyle Place.


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Poison Ck. to Leslie & back on Succor Ck.

Ol' steelhead and I had been waiting for the "perfect" day to ride to Leslie Gulch and we got it.  I planned to ride to Marsing and ride Poison Creek to Rockville and then into Leslie Gulch.  I had never been on Poison Creek before so it was great to finally get to see this part of Oregon/Idaho. First stop was the Poison Creek Stage Stop.

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