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Finishing up the SE ID Challenge Sites

 I had a wedding to go to down in Twin Falls this past weekend, and I figured I would head out after the wedding and try to knock out all the challenge sites I hadn't down in SE ID.

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Trip to Gunnison to pick up a new bike!

Picked up my new 2006 Tiger with 7500 miles from Doug in Gunnison CO on Friday afternoon. My Father in law was heading home from our house so he was able to give me a lift out there. We headed to Gunnison on Thursday and camped at Hartman Rocks where we were able to get some great mountain bike rides in.

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Historic Utah Railroad ride 2013 (see link below for more photos)

Date Taken: 
Latitude: 41.303507° Longitude: -113.863838°
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Riding the Transcontinental Rail Road

I am not putting up much of a narrative but just wanted to share with the club some of the Highlights of the member ride I hosted.

This ride was 3-5 May and took us a little over 800 miles total.  I had opened it to 8 eight rides and ended up with 7 great tempered and good riders.


Met about 15 miles out of town at the Stage Stop Truck had breakfast and off we go


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Around the uintas

Around The Uintas UTAH
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