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2013 Challenge… Cruising to some cool places

by Rick Skinner
Originally Published in the IAMC Newsletter, May 2014

Because the 2013 Challenge focused on sites for bigger bikes and lots of historical places, I got to ride my S10 to nearly all the sites and spend lots of time on Tarmac… that’s not a bad thing, just different than we’ve been used to with the past Challenges. I personally enjoyed the Indian battlefield sites and learning more about the Nez Perce war… some impressive stuff there. While visiting the big Hole battlefield, I got to see a traveling group of Nez Perce put on a presentation about their history, the war and details about the Big Hole battle that you don’t get in the brochure.

I also really enjoyed the Steens Mountain area, because I had just joined the club the year they were last part of the challenge and missed them then. That country is some of the best I’ve ever ridden and I will definitely be returning to play on the Alvord Playa and admire the Gorges of Steens Mountain.

Capturing all 45 challenge sites in a year is a big commitment. It means you are going to miss some family events. It means you are going to give up some other recreation. It means you are going to have a sore butt at times. It means your wife will be upset at you once in a while. But if you are committed to doing it, it can be very satisfying as you visit them all and reflect on how many cool things you’ve seen this year. Like the night I stayed at my Dads Home and admired the Tetons while I was traveling between Camas Battlefield and Caribou City… nice place to spend the night.

2013 was my 3rd year in a row of visiting all 45 of the Challenge sites. I hope it’s not may last. But I recognize that as my grandkids get older, they need more of my time… priorities change… but, doing the challenges has been worth the cost in my eyes. I have the memories of the vistas, the roads and places that the challenge has given me. It has motivated me to see more of Idaho and surrounding area than I ever would have otherwise. Good riding… Rick (Silverspurs)

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