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A Different Kind of Challenge for 2016

by Rick Skinner (AKA Silverspurs — Platinum Tire Level Winner) 
Originally Published in the IAMC Newsletter, January 2017

We had an interesting concept for the Challenge in 2016. All but a couple of the sites could be visited without ever leaving tarmac. An unexpected type of challenge for a Dual Sport Club? Of course, no one was required to stay on Tarmac to get these sites. You were free to ride all the dirt road you wanted in capturing the sites if that was your desire. But this year, you had “options”. 

For me, the concept of this challenge was a blessing in disguise. A guy in a pickup truck ran me over in June of 2015, destroying my big, mile-eating, adventure bike and puting me in bed with a fractured pelvis for several months. I have not replaced the big adventure bike, and now use my DRZ 400 for dual sport riding. Since I was sAll recovering from the fractured pelvis in 2016, the DRZ was not the bike to cover the distances it would take to visit the challenge sites located in Northern and Eastern Idaho. I could never sit the DRZ seat for that many hours/ miles without a lot of pain. I needed to improvise and determined to complete most of the challenge on a big bike that would eat up all those miles. 

My Victory
Silverspurs inlaws and outlaws at Freedom, WY. Riding a Victory, a Harley and a Honda Cruiser. They would have never done this ride with me if I were on my dual-sport bike. They haven’t “evolved” to that level in their riding yet.

I really enjoyed visiting the small towns featured this year. As usual, the challenge took me to many places I had on my list to visit, but wasn’t getting it done! Once again, the “Challenge” encouraged me to get organized and put my buS out there! Having grown up in Eastern Idaho, I had already been to many of the sites in that area. 

However, there were a couple of places I hadn’t been too! I’d never visited Atomic City, Bancroa, Acequia, or Rockland. I was glad for the opportunity to see these new places and see some great country gemng there. It also gave me a chance to ride with family in Eastern Idaho. It was great fun! 

The sites in Northern Idaho were fantastic! I took several days and did a grand tour of Northern Idaho. I’ve always wanted to do a trip similar to the one needed to capture these sites. Wonderful little towns, riding on awesome roads that often paralleled beautiful rivers and lakes. A long held desire fulfilled! 

I’ve wanted to ride over the Dent Bridge for years… and now I have!
Cataldo Mission; Another site I’ve wanted to visit since my 4th grade history lessons!

While most of the sites could be visited without going 

off tarmac, there were a couple of exceptions. I planned to visit Warren and Yellow Pine in September with Jason, but things chime up and that never happened. 

However, I was able to visit Atlanta riding with Dale Dixon on a fun Spring day trip. It was a great ride and I enjoyed getting to know Dale. 

A fun day ride to Atlanta with Dale Dixon!

For me, the IAMC Challenge is always fun and interesting. No maSer the theme. Regardless of whether it is backcountry oriented or mostly tarmac. It gets me out there riding, exploring and seeing new places!! Thanks to the IAMC leadership for putting together another great Challenge!! Be safe out there! Silverspurs; 

AKA Rick Skinner 

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