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Camping information

Jetfoil Adventures

A Jetboil is a great way to pack a stove with a pot to boil water in for soup, coffee and for preparing freeze-dried meals that are store purchased like Mountain House or Backpackers Pantry. Is that all its good for? Well, it really is handy to have and use it this way if nothing else.

Jetboil Stove Review

First of all, the JetBoil stove systems are quick and easy to set up, clean and take down. They are built to contain all the basic parts of the system inside the cooking cylinder. There is somewhat of a stacking order depending on what you want to accessorize with but everything will fit inside with the basic kit. There are three sizes of Jetboil stoves to suit your needs. The Zip is the smaller of the set with .8L capacity, the medium 1L Flash (the stove I’m reviewing), and the Sumo which reaches an impressive 1.8L capacity but is more suited to cooking for two or more people in my opinion. 

Trail Food 101

This is a topic that probably has a million different opinions as everyone has different tastes (literally,) but I will just try to explain what has worked for me and some of the other basics I have seen riders use for eating on the trail. The meals I outline will work just as well for a typical weekend ride or a week-long backcountry excursion since most are not perishable.

Packing Light / Living Right

If you are new to dual-sport riding, it can be confusing and frustrating to know what equipment you need and how to pack it for a camping ride. Even if you have been dual-sport riding for some time, it is frustrating when you left at home some crucial item that you now desperately need on the trail, but forgot to pack it. Then there are some who pack too much, making their ride unnecessarily difficult and cumbersome.

Motorcycle Camping – Cooking Equipment

When considering cooking options for motorcycle camping, you must weigh convenience, weight, bulk, durability and cost. Cooking options run from the super convenient Jetboil, to the super cheap penny stove… and everything in between. In this segment, we’ll review a few of the most commonly used cooking systems and explore their pros and cons.

Motorcycle Camping – Sleep System

Overlooking your sleeping bag and sleeping mat is a common mistake to new motorcycle campers. However, it’s an essential component to a successful and comfortable weekend. Your sleeping bag should keep you warm, while your sleeping mat keeps you comfortable. They work in conjunction with each another, and each component is equally important.