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2021 Southern Challenge Sites

Irrigation canals for the farms and a water distribution system for the town were built.  The Southern Pacific Railroad constructed an eight-mile spur from its mail like to a newly constructed, elaborate depot.  In addition to the depot, the Pacific Reclamation Company built an amusement hall that features a stage and served as the town’s social center, a post office, a school, and a three story, fifty-room elaborate brick hotel complete with an electric generator, central heating and hot and cold running water in every room. 

Destination-Seeing the light

The Spook Lights typically appear at night and are usually described as orbs or discs varying from the size of a baseball to a basketball. They appear to hover or dance a few feet above the ground.

The TransAmerican Trail  

Some roads are fun to ride, some are challenging and some will overwhelm you with scenic beauty but few do all  three like the TAT (Transamerican Trail).