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Doyle Place Cabin and Shoo Fly

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Copy/Paste from my 2024 Check In

Doyle’s Place Cabin has been the most challenging site I have hit so far this year. You can approach it from two different ways, depending on your desired difficulty. Coming in from the north is solid into level 3 territory, but you can also come in from the south which is a level 2 except for the last 100 yards or so. I did both on my 1200GS which is about the limit for what I’m going to try on the larger bike.

To come in from the North take 78 and get off at Oreana Loop Rd. Follow that around for about 7.5 miles and then head south when it T’s at Castle Creek Road. About a half mile from there is track that will take you all the way there. You will need to go through a couple of gates. If following my GPX file be sure to be zoomed out far enough to know when we took a couple of wrong turns and had to back track. We did plenty of that on this ride. From there it’s about 12 miles of gradually increasing difficulty right up until the end. The last 3 miles are the hardest with uneven roads, large gravel, patches of sand, rocky terrain, etc.

Once you get to Doyle Place Cabin park at the top of the hill and walk down to know what you are getting into. This is what our group did, it’s about 50 or so yards at the end. There is a small creek you need to cross, but I wouldn’t advise trying to get a bike through unless you are braver than I am.

When leaving we went East which took us to Poison Creek Cutoff. For folks wanting a bit easier route I would suggest coming in from this direction. The road from the direction was much easier, with only a few minor washouts. I would rate it a heavy 2.

Say hi to the cows on the way out. They are very friendly.

From there we headed over to Shoo Fly thinking about cheeseburgers.




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Posted : April 18, 2024 3:15 pm
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