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Jetfoil Adventures

A Jetboil is a great way to pack a stove with a pot to boil water in for soup, coffee and for preparing freeze-dried meals that are store purchased like Mountain House or Backpackers Pantry. Is that all its good for? Well, it really is handy to have and use it this way if nothing else.

There Are Only TWO Aspects to Motorcycle Safety

You can make the argument that other drivers are also responsible for preventing crashes, and while there may be some truth to that, there is precious little you can do to make someone ELSE take responsibility (just ask anyone who has ever been married or has kids!).

Photo Time Out

Too many times I have blasted past what I soon realized would have been a terrific opportunity to record some of that breathtaking scenery and was too focused on the trail to take a photo time out. And I certainly didn!t want to turn around and backtrack, especially riding in the middle of a pack of gung-ho dual sport freaks.

2021 Southern Challenge Sites

Irrigation canals for the farms and a water distribution system for the town were built.  The Southern Pacific Railroad constructed an eight-mile spur from its mail like to a newly constructed, elaborate depot.  In addition to the depot, the Pacific Reclamation Company built an amusement hall that features a stage and served as the town’s social center, a post office, a school, and a three story, fifty-room elaborate brick hotel complete with an electric generator, central heating and hot and cold running water in every room. 


Prior to picking up Adventure Riding as a hobby, my favorite extracurricular activity was fishing.  Growing up I fished almost every day at a pond near my house and more remotely with friends and family almost every  weekend.  Moving out to Idaho from Indiana when I was 17 really expanded my fishing horizons, opening up  several new methods of fishing and a whole new array of fish to catch, but the distances involved made it  tougher for me to get out. 

Cycles & Scenery: A motorcycle adventure around Idaho

The pavement dissipated about 20 miles from Boise on Blacks Creek Road as we rolled toward Prairie. It was the first reel in a seemingly endless loop of postcard scenery as we dropped into the rugged black-rock canyon of the South Fork of the Boise River.

Gold Mining Ghost Towns near Boise

Gold was first discovered in the Boise Basin (centered about 24 miles north of Boise) along Grimes Creek in 1862 by George Grimes, Moses Splawn and an accompanying party of men. Within a few years the basin changed from a wilderness area inhabited mainly by Native Americans to the thriving mining towns of Idaho City, Centerville, Pioneerville, Placerville, and Quartzburg, supporting a composite population of 30,000 to 40,000 inhabitants.

Winter Destination – Death Valley

For our Death Valley trip we have to give credit to Tom, aka DesertDog for the idea. Unfortunately, Tom was not able to go on the trip with us, but once we had a destination in mind, the rest was history. We did a little research before the trip which helped a lot, but once we got there, found out we still had a lot to learn.

Riding Rocky Terrain

I would longingly wonder where that road went and what adventures traveling it would bring me. Finally, five years ago I purchased my first dual sport bike and began exploring those less traveled roads; and on my, the adventures I have had!

Destination-Seeing the light

The Spook Lights typically appear at night and are usually described as orbs or discs varying from the size of a baseball to a basketball. They appear to hover or dance a few feet above the ground.